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Rothesay's SEND report provides information on how the nursery will support children who have a special educational need and their families.

The SEND report provides information on a number of things, including:


external support,

how the nursery shares information with parents.

The nursery also has an Disability and Equality Scheme and Accessibility Plan which sets out how the governing body will promote equality of opportunity for disabled people.

​​Uniquely, the nursery has a 'clean room', which is used to support children with particular medical needs.  Staff have additional training so they can assist children with interventions such as naso-gastric feeding etc.  

The staff encourage the children to be independent when using the toilet.  However accidents happen and we have a specially adapted bathroom so staff can assist children with toileting and changing clothes etc.  The school follows strict guidelines when helping children with their personal care

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As an inclusive Nursery some of our children have additional needs.  The needs of these children vary greatly and each will have an Individual Plan.  This is written in liaison with the child’s parents, their Key Worker and the Class Teacher.  These plans are reviewed regularly (based on the review date shown on the plan), to ensure the children are given the relevant time, help and attention needed to make progress. Children with special educational needs and disability (SEND) have additional observations and staff led activity time.  At times and If appropriate, they may be taken out of the classroom for short periods for 1 to 1 work or to take part in a group session.  Currently we run Attention Groups and Language Groups. These groups adapt to meet the needs of the children.

​Mrs Leer is our SENCO.

Additional Needs

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