Useful activities to support your child at home​

The following links provide ideas on activities to do with your child whilst the nursery is closed.

There is a response group for Luton families comprising of The Families United Network, Level Trsut, Luton Borough Council, Luton Food Bank, Tokko Youth Centre and Youthscape.  Please see below a letter and 'Get in touch' form if you would like to access their services

LYFCRG letter to families.pdf

LYFCRG Form.pdf

​Please see the attach information below which is broken down into different areas.

Ideas to support your childs learning whilst you are at home.pdf

See information below to support your child's writing skills and the correct letter formation that we use at nursery.

Letter Formation.pdf

We have been allowed to share a story written for nursery aged children which explains all about coronavirus.  

Dave the dog is worried about coronavirus.pdf

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